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Name: Mr. sagar ansingkar

Address: Aurangabad

Product:Acryl- G

Total Business: 1,40,115

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Name: Mr. Abhijeet Panchal

Address: Kalyan

Product: Acryl & carcass

Total Business: 103899

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Name:Mr.Ritesh Bihari

Address: Pune

Product:Crystal pocket

Total Business: 88620


Componant Manufacturing

All kitchen kraft’s products are made from HDHMR. These boards are made with wood fiber/ wood chips and synthetic thermo settings resin in a homogeneously spread MAT and pressed in temperature and pressure controller press. It is environmentally friendly products. As agriculture and forest wood waste is used to manufactured these boards. These wood chips are steam cooked during the process, resulting in removal of all food content thereby making it termite/borer resistant. Unlike plywood, in HDHMR board true thickness is available as pressing parameters are perfect

  • High gloss innovative shutters.

  • Manufacturing of modular carcasses.

  • Prepress high gloss Acro boards.

  • Back processed high gloss Acro sheets in 3mm & 1.5mm thickness.


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